Boynton-area residents’ complaints lead to drag-racing crackdown

9/12/99–Palm Beach Gardens– Drag racing track at Moroso Motorsports Park in Palm Beach Gardens during the Moroso Mopar and Chrysler Show on Sunday afternoon. Photos by Callie Lipkin

At around 11 p.m. while in her home, Barbara Roth would hear what she describes as an enormous noise.

“It’s an enormous revving of. Matt what does it sound like?” Roth asks her husband.

“It sounds like a car that has no muffler or has been suped-up to make especially loud noise,” he says in the background.

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A group of drag racers have made Lyons Road and U.S. 441 west of Boynton Beach their drag strips. They race one another to see who can go from the starting point to the end point in the fastest time with the most control over the car.

The couple has the drivers’ route memorized.

“You can almost time how long it takes them to zip down Hypoluxo, go out to 441, do the big turn around, come around Lantana, come down Lyons, and then come around Hypoluxo,” Roth said.

Roth is one of several residents who complained to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, ultimately leading to a crackdown.

The results? 152 tickets, 10 criminal tickets, 5 arrests, 70 written warnings, 3 verbal warnings.

It’s stopped for now, but Roth anticipates the races will resume again soon.

“It probably will pick up again when the kids are done with school,” she said.

Read the full story here:  Hundreds of citations west of Boynton as street racing escalates


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