Chef Gordon Ramsay actually complimented this Boca woman’s dish on Twitter

Twitter capture

BOCA RATON — Gordon Ramsay, a well-known television chef with a penchant for insulting Twitter users’ amateur cooking dishes, took a break from criticizing the Twitter masses to compliment one dish in particular — that of a Boca Raton woman.

Bridgett, a user from the Boca Raton area with the Twitter handle @B_Rabbit_Jax, tweeted a photo of her fiance’s skillet pork loin to Ramsay last week. Rather than go with his usual response (often comparing the food to some bodily fluid), Ramsay told the Boca woman to “Marry him…”

The out-of-the-ordinary complimentary tweet caught the attention of some media outlets, which lauded Bridgett for landing a rare Ramsay approval.

It also sparked some shocked Twitter responses from Ramsay’s followers.


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