Gator, nine feet long, removed from Boynton Beach’s golf course

Handout: City of Boynton Beach

Handout: City of Boynton Beach

A couple of days after Boynton Beach’s golf course employees sent out a warning about some unwelcome guests -alligators- showing their faces, crews decided to remove one that just got way too big.

A gator that liked to visit the 9th hole at The Links at Boynton Beach, that everyone came to know as Bud, grew to be nine feet and three inches long.

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The golf course crew decided it was time he move.

On Wednesday, Bud was moved. A state-licensed trapper came to the course and removed him, said Colin Groff, an assistant city manager.

Golf course employees took to Facebook on Nov. 30 to remind golfers to be aware of their surroundings and posted a picture of a gator at the 12th hole on the champion course.

 The golf course also has a sign that says, “This golf course is in a natural setting. Nature can include hazardous encounters with lightning, reptiles, insects, animals, etc. Please exercise common sense and good judgement.”

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