Boynton Beach permanently welcomes leashed dogs at four parks


After two trial periods, leashed dogs are now allowed at four of Boynton Beach’s parks for good.

The City Commission on Tuesday signed off on the furry animals visiting Jaycee, Intracoastal, Boynton Lakes and Dewey parks. However, if there is a big event being held at one of the parks the animals might not be allowed to attend. For example, dogs weren’t allowed at Intracoastal for the Fourth of July fireworks.

Wally Majors, the director of the city’s recreation and parks department, said, “for families to bring their pets to these parks is something that’s very attractive for them.”

The first trail period started in 2014 with these rules: Dog owners who don’t pick up after their pets will be fined. Dogs must be at least 4 months old to be allowed in the parks and must be up to date on vaccinations. If a dog shows any sign of aggression, the owner must remove the dog immediately.

Commissioner Joe Casello doubted how enforceable the rule is that the dogs must be on leashes, but still supported the move.

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