Family feels ‘cheated’ in death of Boynton-area woman, 95, killed in crash

Handout photo of Anne Guttman

Handout photo of Anne Guttman

UPDATE at 3:15 p.m.: Anne Guttman, 95, was “loving her life,” her daughter Nancy Newfield told The Palm Beach Post.

She had many friends in the Indian Spring community in suburban Boynton Beach, she was adored by her family which included 6 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren, and she was physically and mentally healthy.

“She was a person who was just living a wonderful life and enjoying her life at 95,” Newfield said. “It was a very happy life. It’s sad it was cut short. The family is having a hard time dealing with this because she was so vibrant and involved in her life and enjoying her life. We feel that we got cheated and that she got cheated.”

Guttman was in a car crash on Saturday when she drove through a red flashing light at the Woolbright and El Clair Ranch roads intersection. The signal device was struck by lightning which is why the lights were flashing, according to Palm Beach County.

Read the full story here: Lightning caused flashing lights at intersection woman, 95, was killed

ORIGINAL POST: After reading about the Saturday crash that left a 95-year-old woman dead in suburban Boynton Beach, several readers seemed to be surprised at the age of the driver.

The Palm Beach Post reported in 2014 that in 2004 Florida joined the 40 states requiring vision tests for older drivers. Vision tests are the only requirement the state has for senior drivers.

In the crash, Anne Guttman, of suburban Boynton Beach, was headed north on El Clair Ranch Road and had a flashing red light when she drove into the intersection and into the path of an eastbound Volvo. The driver of the Volvo, Rose Thompson, had a flashing yellow light.

The Volvo hit Guttman’s car on the driver’s side. Thompson, 60, also of suburban Boynton Beach, was not injured.

Here are some of the comments readers wrote on the story:

– Miriam Martis Diaz: 95 and driving OMG..bless her heart.
– Barry CookJust another example of why we need mandatory retesting of seniors.
– Jennie Gallo-Spalding: Florida needs an eye opener and should require seniors to retake driving tests
– Sheldon Harris: Not so easy. Taking away a driver’s license doesn’t take away the ability to drive. They’d just do so without a license. I’ve spoken to a local legislator and he says they’ve tried to put it on the ballot but it’s always contested because old people are the strongest voting bloc and the old folks’ young relatives don’t want to have to drive them around. Very political answer but I actually believe him.
– Ruth Fuller Dauski: This happens regardless the age however I agree seniors should be tested. RIP

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